Alta Vista ShutDown by Yahoo

I think there is hardly any techie who has never heard of Alta Vista search engine and I am also sure that very few of us has used it. I am not sure how much it will impact anyone’s life after Yahoo’s decision of shutting it down on 28th june 2013 and now after that all the searches for AltaVista will be redirect to Yahoo search engine.

Alta Vista was launched as an internet search engine on 15 Dec 1995 under the name of Key people who were involved in the development of this search engine were Paul Flaherty , Louis Monier (developed the crawler)and Michael Burrows (developed the indexer). It was the first time when any search engine used the crawler and indexing technology and later it became motivation for all other search engines. The main reason that was responsible of Alta Vista demise was its inclination towards providing other features like online shopping , free emails etc to internet users , and in doing that they stopped doing new innovations in their search engine Alta Vista.

File Pic of Alta Vista

This negligence from Alta Vista became big motivation for Google to take over the search engine market. By the time Alta Vista realized that it was already very late for them and their revenues start decreasing , as a result of which they have to sold there domain to Compaq in $ 3.3 million. In 2002 Alta Vista put some more effort in coming back to market and redesigned there complete User Interface and luckily they started gaining popularity again, but unfortunately it was not enough for them to survive and by the time Google already became the king of search engine market.

In 2003 Alta Vista was bought by Overture Services Inc which later on bought by Yahoo itself. Alta Vista shutdown on 8th July 2013 decision was declared on 28th June 2013 by Yahoo.

          We can link Alta Vista to a child who was bright but neglected by parents – Danny Sullivan.


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