BlueHost Vs Hostgator – Comparison

Today 8th july 2013 i bought this domain from godaddyauction , the only reason why i bought this domain is I found its name very catchy and meaningful.After buying this domain , the next confusion that was in front of me was where to host this domain , one thing was sure that I am not going to host it on free service providers because I had a very bad experience with them when I hosted my blog Tech Idiocy with them. I faced a lot of problems like memory issues , bad support , only php scripting support etc because of these problems most of my time used to waste in resolving these issues.

So after doing a lot of research on internet I am able to narrow down the results between 2 i.e Hostgator Vs BlueHost , so i have to choose one of them. Now that is also a very tough decision because when i compared them on different parameters , I found that there is hardly any  difference between them ,as both of them are undisputed kings of this webhosting world ,but still i had listed a few differences between them that you can use to make your decision. I will reveal  my hosting provider at the end of the post. :)

BlueHost Vs HostGator – Plans Comparison

The major difference between the two hosts lies in the packages, and even then, they are pretty similar. It is worth noting at this stage that Bluehost only offers one package, but Hostgator offers three of them. In order to make comparisons between the two, I am going to discuss the basic plans of each, and then discuss a little bit about the features that the extra plans have on Hostgator.

Firstly, on their only plan, Bluehost offers unlimited domains. This means that effectively you will be able to run as  many  websites as you like (small websites) on a cheap plan, which is ideal if you are into your internet marketing or maintainingg , or even want a place for your business. However, this feature does not come into play unless you choose the ‘second highest’ plan from Hostgator

BlueHost Vs HostGator – Customer Support Comparison

If we compare there customer support service then as both of them are best in there field and it is required also to keep alive in the market. If we look at Hostgator service then it even make the waiting experience fun by introducing their mascot in a series of humorous animations as you wait for to be called to the ‘next counter’ as you hear a bell sign and on the other hand Bluehost is equally as good however I must admit from time to time I have received mediocre live chat support that I suspect was probably outsourced to a foreign country on some occasions. In any case I was able to eventually get the answer I needed.

BlueHost Vs HostGator – Customer Support Comparison

When it comes on the performance and reliability of these hosting providers then you can say its a tie, as both of them maintaining highly efficient data centres so that you can see hardly any downtimes.When it comes to server uptime as well both websites can offer a 99.9% uptime which is amongst the highest available in any webhost to date. Even though Bluehost has been in business for a number of years they do not seem to have the same kind of response times as what Hostgator has, meaning that when it comes time to compare hosting, in the comparison of Hostgator Vs Bluehost, HostGator is the clear winner. Because of their increased speeds and the fact that they use renewable energy Hostgator is probably the better choice for performance and sustainability in a host.

BlueHost Vs HostGator – Control Panel Comparison
When it comes to the control panel in Hostgator Vs Bluehost, they use the same system. While Hostgator does include a custom site builder with their control panel, both of the systems use the industry standard control panel known as cPanel. cPanel is an easy access control panel that will allow a user a one click install for many website features and extensions such as wordpress which can be used to update and manage a websites content. Because of the faster response times for the servers in the Hostgator network their version of cPanel seemed much easier to access and was less prone to freezing than the Bluehost version. The site builder option on HostGator also makes it a great choice for someone who is fairly new to managing a website and does not know how to use elements such as wordpress. Using the site builder a webmaster can easily drag and drop elements into their website design to create a functioning website in minutes. Because of these options and the speed of the servers when it came time to compare hosting Hostgator was the clear winner in the control panel and usability side of hosting.


After reading all those comaparison from hundreds of places it was very difficult for me to make a decision. Best thing that I liked about Bluehost is there unlimited domain support while for the same you have to pay more with Hostgator, so i thought it would be better from financial perspective if i go with Bluehost. Anyways I know that I am going to lose something by not selecting the Hostgator , but I want to take that risk. So, today I bought a bluehost plan and I hosted my domain on it.

Till now no issues as such … Hoping it will go smooth in future also .

I would like to request my readers to share your thoughts and experience below so that it can help other users.

If you would like to sign up for any of those ,please you use my referal link :)




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A Developer working on Enterprise applications ,Distributed Systems, Hadoop and BigData.This blog is about my experience working mostly on Java technologies ,NoSQL ,git , maven and Hadoop ecosystem.

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