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iOS7 Beta / iOS7 Developers – What’s new?

These days a lot of speculations are going around Apple’s new operating system iOS7 – what will be the new features in it, how it will be better from its predecessor and what will be the new enhancements , previous bug fixes etc.

As we all already know that iOS7 Beta version is already released for Apple iOS developers and many devices are already running on it. IOS Developers interest in iOS7 is already proved and you can say it is at its all-time high as witnessed by the record sellout of iOS 7 Worldwide Developer Conference passes this year.

So, let’s have a look at these new features and enhancements that can be expected in iOS7 and what’s new in iOS7 Beta 3.

iOS7 – User Interface Changes

  • New Font Helvetica Neue Regular will be used instead of Ultra light , this will make menu nuch easier to read.
  • A new of set of fonts has been used in weather apps.
  • Several small UI and font tweaks to Notification Center.
  • Folder will be more transparent in comparison to previous version.

iOS7 – AirDrop