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Cloudera Kite Morphlines Getting Started Example

Kite Morphlines development was initiated  Cloudera Kite Morphlines
as a part of Cloudera Search project and
later it was moved to Kite SDK to make it
more available to a wide range of users
and to invite contributions from the CDK
active community.Idea behind the Kite
Morphlines development is to streamline
the ETL processing , so that the time and
effort involved in Extraction , Transformation and Load of the huge data into Apache Solr, HBase, HDFS, Enterprise Data Warehouses can be reduced. Continue reading Cloudera Kite Morphlines Getting Started Example

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Revert or Undo a commit using git amend

In the previous post we have seen that how we can revert or undo a local or public git commit using git revert. In this post we are going to see some other ways in which we can Revert or Undo a commit using git. Yes, you have read it right only we are talking about only local commit.

Note : There are lot of things in life and git can’t be undone always .

Undo a commit using git amend :
Let’s consider a scenario where you have just started development of your application , and now you have lot of files to checkin into the git repository so for doing that you have to do a Continue reading Revert or Undo a commit using git amend

Revert or undo last git commit

If you have missed out my previous posts on git repositories then you can read it here.

While working on GIT distributed version control system , you might have found yourself in a scenario where you have to revert or undo last git commit. Reason for revert can be anything like wrong file checked in , some junk code has been checked in that can impact your well developed application etc.

Now here two scenario exists depends on the level of your commit–
1. If the commit has been already pushed to central remote repository that means now it is a public commit that means other developers can see these changes. Continue reading Revert or undo last git commit

Install GIT on Windows

In this post I am going to complete the remaining part of my previous post on Git Distributed Version Control System and its configuration on Windows, if you have missed out that post you can read it here.

Before we start looking into the details of how to install GIT on Windows , there are some prerequisites that you have to take care of.

  • URL of your source GIT Repository from where you will clone the code. Something like this                                                                         Ssh://username@servername:gitproject .
  • Firewall should be opened for port 22 ,for SSH communication. Continue reading Install GIT on Windows