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Heartbleed hit – OpenSSL gets support

Nobody would have ever imagined that heartbleeda very small bug in the OpenSSL now famously known as Heartbleed could bring entire internet industry on its knees. Finally everything settled down without any major incident reported but steps need to be taken so that these types of bug can be avoided in future. You might find it surprising that OpenSSL project has only 1 full-time developer (Hats off to this guy) who is responsible for development and maintenance of OpenSSL libraries, mentioned by OpenSSL Software foundation president Steve Marquess in a blog post. Continue reading Heartbleed hit – OpenSSL gets support

Heartbleed – What went wrong ?

I am sure that by this time all of us have already heard about the Heartbleed ,that made almost every encrypted sensitive data i.e passwords,credit card details etc vulnerable to external attacks.

Background :
These days almost each and every website asks user for registration and provides them with an username and password for there future interaction with the website.Today HTTPS protocol is the defacto standard for sending the sensitive data to the server and behind the scenes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security(TLS) protocols which make sure that every transaction between the client and server is secure. Continue reading Heartbleed – What went wrong ?

Microsoft Bing Search and Earn Program

While searching something on the MongoDB over the internet somehow  (yes you heard it right :) , a google fan) i selected Bing search engine in the mozilla search tool bar and next thing that i saw on my search results page is the message from the Microsoft that you have earned 1 credit. Initially I ignored it and i changed my search criteria because earlier one was not giving me the result i was looking for , this time i observed that those credit becomes 2.
search and earn with Bing
Now it increased my curiosity and i thought it might be the same thing like what stackoverflow offers but there they call it reputation (and it matters). So, i thought microsoft also started Continue reading Microsoft Bing Search and Earn Program

Create Favicon for WordPress Blog

Favicon :

Create Favicon for WordPress Blog

It is a 16X16 (pixels) short image that actually used to give the first impression about your website/blog ( a pictorial representation) . In simple terms it basically cuts long story to short.Whenever you  use any tabbed browser like Mozilla  ,Chrome etc you will see a small icon on the left of your tab , that small icon is nothing but your favicon. Moreover , you will see the same favicon in the bookmarks tab also when you bookmark any page. Sometimes these favicons are very useful in finding the website that you are looking for , from a big list of bookmarks that you have in your browser. If you see in the above image , that green color square is the favicon for this blog. Continue reading Create Favicon for WordPress Blog

Add Twitter follow button to WordPress blog

From last few days i was planning to do a lot of modifications in my blog and adding the twitter follow button to wordpress blog was one of them but as a lazy ass i was always skipping it. So,finally today I added it on my blog,so to add twitter follow button I did some research over internet for the best and simplest way in which it can be done. After reviewing all the options like installing a wordpress plugin , installing third party scripts etc , I found that adding it as a widget in your blog will be the most easiest and handy way. Here , I have provided you the source code for 4 different types of button , depending on your site look and feel you can choose any of them.

1. Follow button with total number of followers : Continue reading Add Twitter follow button to WordPress blog

How to Fight spams in 4 simple steps – Explained

After starting my wordpress blog ,within few days some of posts starts toping the Google chart , I was very happy by seeing that but it caused an unwanted problem for me i.e I started getting spam emails and spam comments on my posts.On an average I was getting 50-100 spams everyday and I was really pissed of these spams , so I thought instead of running away from them I have to fight with these spams.So next question is How to fight spams, In this post I am going to focus on what all measures I have taken to avoid spams and gave a rock solid answer to these spammers.

How to fight spam in 4 simple steps Continue reading How to Fight spams in 4 simple steps – Explained

What are meta tags and how they are important ?

Since 2009 , Google reduced the weighing of meta tags while giving ratings for web pages or more precisely we can say it ignored meta tags completely while ranking the pages in SERPs ,so that does not mean that you also start ignoring them because it directly impacts search engine optimization for your website.

If you are not aware of the basics of what are meta tags and why they are important , then I think you are missing one of the key aspects of Search Engine Optimization – SEO and more importantly it will help your readers to understand , what your website is about or what your post is about ? Continue reading What are meta tags and how they are important ?

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Move your wordpress site from 000Webhost to Bluehost

Before starting this post, let me give you the background what motivated me to take this step (moving my blog from 000Webhost to Bluehost) and to write this post. For this you have to read my previous posts, My First Experience With Web Hosting and PHP Memory Error on WordPress and 000Webhost, after going through these two posts you will have an idea what all problems that I faced when I was on

Note : I am not saying that there is any problem with 000webhost , they are providing very good services without charging any cost . There were few things in free webhosting where I found a lot of limitations and I had to spend a lot of time to overcome those challenges, one of them I had already mentioned in my post because I can’t afford losing time in these issues, so I thought it’s better to spend few bucks per month (for paid hosting) and avoid these problems.

Below is a step by step guide that you can follow to move your wordpress site from to Continue reading Move your wordpress site from 000Webhost to Bluehost

Alta Vista ShutDown by Yahoo

I think there is hardly any techie who has never heard of Alta Vista search engine and I am also sure that very few of us has used it. I am not sure how much it will impact anyone’s life after Yahoo’s decision of shutting it down on 28th june 2013 and now after that all the searches for AltaVista will be redirect to Yahoo search engine.

Alta Vista was launched as an internet search engine on 15 Dec 1995 under the name of Key people who were involved in the development of this search engine were Paul Flaherty , Louis Monier (developed the crawler)and Michael Burrows (developed the indexer). It was the first time when any search engine used the crawler and indexing technology and later it became motivation for all other search engines. The main reason that was responsible of Alta Vista demise Continue reading Alta Vista ShutDown by Yahoo

iOS7 Beta / iOS7 Developers – What’s new?

These days a lot of speculations are going around Apple’s new operating system iOS7 – what will be the new features in it, how it will be better from its predecessor and what will be the new enhancements , previous bug fixes etc.

As we all already know that iOS7 Beta version is already released for Apple iOS developers and many devices are already running on it. IOS Developers interest in iOS7 is already proved and you can say it is at its all-time high as witnessed by the record sellout of iOS 7 Worldwide Developer Conference passes this year.

So, let’s have a look at these new features and enhancements that can be expected in iOS7 and what’s new in iOS7 Beta 3.

iOS7 – User Interface Changes

  • New Font Helvetica Neue Regular will be used instead of Ultra light , this will make menu nuch easier to read.
  • A new of set of fonts has been used in weather apps.
  • Several small UI and font tweaks to Notification Center.
  • Folder will be more transparent in comparison to previous version.

iOS7 – AirDrop