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If you have already purchased a domain  and now you are worried about where to host this domain then please go through this post and it will help you in hosting your website on some free PHP webhosting service provider like . In this post you will see how in 4 simple steps you can do that.

Assumption : You have a  domain registered on your name.

  1. Signup with by providing your basic details here.
  2. Once you registered succesfully , you will land on the Accounts page , there you will see the link like “Go to CPanel”. Click on that link and on the next page you will see a “View Account Details” link , click there and you will see the Nameserver details like below screeshot. Store that information somewhere as we are going to need this in next step.
  3. free php webhosting
  4. Now go to your domain registration provider (from where you purchased it) . In my case it is GoDaddy, by default when you buy any domain from a provider generally they do the parking on your behalf in there reserved space and has been hosted on your provider name space servers only. Now you need to go your domain provider portal and update the name server values with the one that we got from step 2.  If you are using godaddy then you will see something like this under your domains section.

    free php webhosting         

Now just update nameservers values from what you got in step 2. If you see in the image I had already updated the values and it will look like this.

So, now you are all set , your domain is succesfully hosted on using free php webhosting. Just load it in browser and you will see a message like “Your website is up and running” .

Note :  Sometimes it took around 15 mins for the updation of name server configuration .

Please drop a comment in case of you are facing any issue in any of the step.

Stay Tuned :)



Saurabh Jain

A Developer working on Enterprise applications ,Distributed Systems, Hadoop and BigData.This blog is about my experience working mostly on Java technologies ,NoSQL ,git , maven and Hadoop ecosystem.

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