Install GIT on Windows

In this post I am going to complete the remaining part of my previous post on Git Distributed Version Control System and its configuration on Windows, if you have missed out that post you can read it here.

Before we start looking into the details of how to install GIT on Windows , there are some prerequisites that you have to take care of.

  • URL of your source GIT Repository from where you will clone the code. Something like this                                                                         Ssh://username@servername:gitproject .
  • Firewall should be opened for port 22 ,for SSH communication.

Below are the series of steps that you have to follow on how to install GIT on windows.

  1. Download the GIT installer from here , make sure you are choosing the correct version based on your OS ,whether its 32 bit r 64 bit.
  2. Download Tortoise GIT for windows from here and install. I will highly recommend it for first time users because they can avoid remembering all the crucial GIT bash commands and it will make life much easier during your commits , pull and push operations.
  3. Follow all the steps suggested during the installation and at the end GIT will be installed on your system.
  4. Now we have to configure the SSH key , so that we can interact with the central repository, otherwise we have to provide the username and password every time when we do a clone , pull or push. In other words with ,SSH creates a secure connection from your computer to your server, making sure that you are who you claim to be so that only authorized persons can commit to your repository .

For generating the SSH key pair , goto                                                                              Start -> Programs ->TortoiseGit -> Puttygen                                                                Now , open the Puttygen and click on the Generate button and move over the mouse in random area for key generation. Once it is generated copy that SSH key into somewhere on your local system. We will need this in our next steps.

install git on windows install git on windows

Note : If you don’t move your mouse it will not progress.

5.     After doing this please enter a passphrase and remember it. Now click on the Save Private Key and save it somewhere on your local system. Its extension will be something like *.ppk

6.     Now we are done almost , login and connect to your  source repository and add this SSH key there (that you copied in step 4). After doing this you have validated your identity to the server, and server knows whenever there is a request from this user , it has to allow the request without asking the passphrase.                                                                             I am assuming that for Step 6 , your administrator must have provided you the location of your source repo where you can add the generated SSH.

7.   Now with the help of tortoise git take the clone of  your repository , here you have to provide the GIT URL that I mentioned in prerequisite .Don’t forgot the provide the generated putty key that we have generated in Step 5. After clicking on OK , your repository will be successfully cloned on your system.


Drop me a comment if you face any problem in any of the steps mentioned above or if you want to know about more on the next steps like committing the code, pull from repository and push into repository. – Install GIT on Windows

Happy Cloning :)


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