iOS7 Beta / iOS7 Developers – What’s new?

These days a lot of speculations are going around Apple’s new operating system iOS7 – what will be the new features in it, how it will be better from its predecessor and what will be the new enhancements , previous bug fixes etc.

As we all already know that iOS7 Beta version is already released for Apple iOS developers and many devices are already running on it. IOS Developers interest in iOS7 is already proved and you can say it is at its all-time high as witnessed by the record sellout of iOS 7 Worldwide Developer Conference passes this year.

So, let’s have a look at these new features and enhancements that can be expected in iOS7 and what’s new in iOS7 Beta 3.

iOS7 – User Interface Changes

  • New Font Helvetica Neue Regular will be used instead of Ultra light , this will make menu nuch easier to read.
  • A new of set of fonts has been used in weather apps.
  • Several small UI and font tweaks to Notification Center.
  • Folder will be more transparent in comparison to previous version.

iOS7 – AirDrop

  • This is the new feature that is not available in any of the other version of iOS.
  • It will allow you to share contents to the people close to you.
  • This is very much similar to what Nokia had already used (Tap and Share).
  • Developed using NFC ( Near Field Communications) technology.

iOS7 – iRadio

  • Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Apple is going to start its own music streaming service.
  • Idea will be the purchase and promotion of iTunes.
  • Will be very same as Pandora or Spotify’s radio app and has distinct similarities to Google’s Play All Access music service.
  • Will be free for iTunes subscribers.

iOS7 – Siri

  • Some improvements has been made in Siri.
  • Integrated with major Social networks and search engines .
  • Phone features like wifi, screen brightness etc can be controlled from it.
  • Will be available in many new languages – new male and female voices for U.S. English and French, as well as a new male voice for German speakers.

iOS7 – Photo Gallery

  • It will be now directly connected to its cloud product iCloud.
  • Photos can be shared with other iCloud Users.

All the features mentioned above have been collected from lot of different sources over the internet. It can’t be denied that Apple may come up with a totally different iOS7 that everyone is expecting.

Request to all the readers to share if they have any new information on the iOS7 updates.


Saurabh Jain

A Developer working on Enterprise applications ,Distributed Systems, Hadoop and BigData.This blog is about my experience working mostly on Java technologies ,NoSQL ,git , maven and Hadoop ecosystem.
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