IPhone 5S Rumors and Specs

As all of us know very well both that Samsung and HTC had already released latest version of their popular series Galaxy S4 and HTC One respectively. Now its Apple’s turn to give answer to its competitors and it has been made clear that it will be given by IPhone series next phone IPhone 5S which will be replacement of there last year release 4” inch phone IPhone 5.

Speculations have already started about this new phone and the features that it is going to provide. There are iPhone 5S rumors a plenty with whispers suggesting that Apple has plans to introduce a number of significant upgrades on the iPhone 5S to help it counteract the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, both of which have proven to be worthy iPhone 5 competitors.

Below I am going to point out some of those hot rumors that people are expecting in there next IPhone version.

IPhone 5S Screen & Resolution

If we believe IPhone 5S rumors  then resolution display will be higher in the next version of IPhone then we have to believe that Apple is definitely going to increase the size of screen. The logic behind this is Apple’s own definition of retina screen for IPhone 5 that says you can’t see the individual pixels when you hold the smartphone at a normal viewing distance. So, if resolution is going to increase then screen size is also going to increase.

There is one more speculation about IPhone 5S is that it will use IGZO technology (Indium Galium Zinc Oxide) , and if it happens then you can expect a brighter screen in comparison to IPhone 5.


IPhone 5S Processor

If we believe on the speculations, then IPhone 5S will have next generation of it’s a series processor i.e A7 , as all we know Apple used A6 processor in the IPhone 5 so a higher version of processor can’t be ruled out. Now if we talk about the cores that this processor is going to have , it is an assumption that A7 will run on quad core processors in comparison to its predecessor IPhone 5 which is running on dual cores. The reason behind why I am expecting a Quad core processor is all of its competitors Samsung, Nokia and HTC had already moved to quad core series. So, now this is high time for Apple to upgrade to quadcore if they really want to give a good fight to others.


IPhone 5S Camera

If we believe on the rumors and leaked pics , we can expect IPhone 5S with a dual LED flash. This should make it easier to take shots in darker rooms, and create a brighter flash. It should not be a a surprise if we IPhone5s with a 12MP sensor , if this happens then ofcourse it will improve the resolution of photos, giving your larger photos.

According to iLounge, Cupertino isn’t planning to go down the HTC route and will instead launch      the 5S with a 13MP camera – putting it in league with the Sony and Samsung handsets.Of course, hardware is only half the story and if Apple can come up with some killer in-house apps to take advantage of the camera in new ways it will give them a good start on the competition.

 IPhone 5S Battery

If we believe on the leaked photos then it is pretty obvious that : the iPhone 5S will have a dual-LED flash on the back, a larger battery (5.92 watt-hours vs. 5.45 Wh for the iPhone 5), and a new SoC. There aren’t any photos of the front of the device, but the iPhone 5S display will probably be the same 4-inch 1136×640 unit, unless Apple is finally ready to double the resolution (which is possible, but unlikely).To squeeze in a larger battery, Apple appears to have rejigged the iPhone 5S’s logic board slightly narrower, with a few of the components being moved around slightly.

Expected date of arrival for IPhone 5S will be in September it will be the same time as last year when it launched the IPhone 5  . Actually it is best time for apple to launch because this is the time when summer vacation ends and shopping season starts and most importantly lot of the apple phone renewals done during this period.

So, wait for this next generation of IPhone series and then we will see how it meets the customers expectation.


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