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While searching something on the MongoDB over the internet somehow  (yes you heard it right :) , a google fan) i selected Bing search engine in the mozilla search tool bar and next thing that i saw on my search results page is the message from the Microsoft that you have earned 1 credit. Initially I ignored it and i changed my search criteria because earlier one was not giving me the result i was looking for , this time i observed that those credit becomes 2.
search and earn with Bing
Now it increased my curiosity and i thought it might be the same thing like what stackoverflow offers but there they call it reputation (and it matters). So, i thought microsoft also started same type of program , more you search more you earn (bing search and earn program), but then i checked the details about this program how these credits are going to help.

When i looked into the details of the program i found that approximately Microsoft 1 credit is equivalent to 1 cent (i think it is not that bad)  and how i calculated it as they are giving you $5 Amazon gift card on 550 credits,so its roughly 1 cent for 1 credit. You can earn these credits in other ways also like signing up with your facebook account gives you 20 more credit. Officialy they call it as Bing Rewards program , you can register for it here.

Great thing about this program Microsoft is paying you for what we do on a daily basis. I have personally observed that most of the people prefer google search results over bing results ( even I also belong to same group) but this program is definitely an extra advantage for the people who uses bing as there search engine.

Since its inception in 2009 , bing is continuously capturing new market and as of Dec 13 stats , it has around 18.2 % (for more stats visit ) market share in search queries. If this search and earn program worked out for bing then we can see good increase in this market share by the end of this year.
comscore-dec-2013If anybody is already using this program and have some more insights on it please share.

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