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Before starting this post, let me give you the background what motivated me to take this step (moving my blog from 000Webhost to Bluehost) and to write this post. For this you have to read my previous posts, My First Experience With Web Hosting and PHP Memory Error on WordPress and 000Webhost, after going through these two posts you will have an idea what all problems that I faced when I was on

Note : I am not saying that there is any problem with 000webhost , they are providing very good services without charging any cost . There were few things in free webhosting where I found a lot of limitations and I had to spend a lot of time to overcome those challenges, one of them I had already mentioned in my post because I can’t afford losing time in these issues, so I thought it’s better to spend few bucks per month (for paid hosting) and avoid these problems.

Below is a step by step guide that you can follow to move your wordpress site from to I am using BlueHost as my service provider, so I am going to focus on BlueHost more.
There are 2 basics steps involved in moving your site from 000Webhost to BlueHost.
• Import
• Export

Let’s first look at all those things that you need to import from your existing 000Webhost account. For moving the files from 000Webhost servers to your local ,you need a FTP client , because all the files transfer will happen under FTP Protocol. You can download one of the FTP Client (File Zilla) from here.

Import :
For migration , we need two things that we are going to resuse from your existing service provider i.e wp-content folder and sql script that contains all of your data.

1. Open the FileZilla FTP client , in your system and provide the details of your FTP server of 000Webhost account, that you can find under your cPanel. Provide your FTP details in FileZilla and click on QuickConnect. Once it is connected , navigate to your wp-content(it will be inside public_html/wordpress) structure and download it in your local system. If you want to download other files also , you can but it is not required for migration of your blog from 000webhost to Bluehost.

Note : Leave the port number empty in your file zilla client while clicking on QuickConnect.




2. Now we will import the SQL script from your existing account.
• Go back to your cPanel and click on phpSQLAdmin.
• After clicking , at the next page you will see the Database that was created when you first hosted your website on .
• Now click on the database , and in the top right you will see an import button .
• Click on the Import button and save the file as .sql file(very important) in your local system, don’t save in any other format.
Now we got all the data that is required to move your website from 000webhost to BlueHost. So , the next step is to use this data and host our site on Bluehost.

Export :
Before beginning the export process ,we have to do some preparation on our Bluehost account. Best thing about bluehost that you will find its extremely good support for wordpress. With a single click you can host your website using wordpress platform under Bluehost hosting. We are also going to utilize that One Click script and will move our site on

For doing this I am not going to provide the steps here because it is already provided by BlueHost very well and also I am duplicating the things that I really don’t want to do. You can follow those steps and make your site up and running .
OR (Here you have to move all the contents from account to your local.

If you face any problem in any of the step you can leave a comment below and I will help you out in that step.
Note : Don’t forget to change the Nameservers location from servers to BlueHost servers. You can do this by going your registrar site ,in my case it is GoDaddy. It will take around 0-8 hours to reflect the new nameservers.

If you want to signup with blue host you can click on this link and can open your account – Sign up with Bluehost
Happy Migrating :)


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