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Spring Mobile Framework (Springsource) – 1

Spring Mobile is a server side framework developed by the same team who was involved in the development of other Spring modules ( Spring Core , Spring MVC etc). Spring Mobile is also an extension over the conventional Spring MVC to facilitate the development of mobile web applications.

Spring Mobile tells you on the server side about the request source and then serve the content on the basis of incoming request source type (mobile/tablet/desktop).
At the core Spring Mobile presents following 3 features.
1. Device Resolver: Device resolver main responsibility is to find the source of the request whether it’s a mobile / tablet /desktop by analyzing the header information present in HTTP Continue reading Spring Mobile Framework (Springsource) – 1

annotation-config vs component-scan – Spring Core

<context:annotation-config> and <context:component-scan> are two of the most basic concepts available in the Spring Core introduced in Spring 3 that every Spring user should understand.It is important that to understand the usage of each of them and how they are different to each other.

annotation-config :  Annotation config main job is to activate all the annotations that are present in java beans and those are already registered either by defining in your application context file or being registered while component scanning. Important point is they need to be registered.

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