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Create Favicon for WordPress Blog

Favicon :

Create Favicon for WordPress Blog

It is a 16X16 (pixels) short image that actually used to give the first impression about your website/blog ( a pictorial representation) . In simple terms it basically cuts long story to short.Whenever you  use any tabbed browser like Mozilla  ,Chrome etc you will see a small icon on the left of your tab , that small icon is nothing but your favicon. Moreover , you will see the same favicon in the bookmarks tab also when you bookmark any page. Sometimes these favicons are very useful in finding the website that you are looking for , from a big list of bookmarks that you have in your browser. If you see in the above image , that green color square is the favicon for this blog. Continue reading Create Favicon for WordPress Blog

Add Twitter follow button to WordPress blog

From last few days i was planning to do a lot of modifications in my blog and adding the twitter follow button to wordpress blog was one of them but as a lazy ass i was always skipping it. So,finally today I added it on my blog,so to add twitter follow button I did some research over internet for the best and simplest way in which it can be done. After reviewing all the options like installing a wordpress plugin , installing third party scripts etc , I found that adding it as a widget in your blog will be the most easiest and handy way. Here , I have provided you the source code for 4 different types of button , depending on your site look and feel you can choose any of them.

1. Follow button with total number of followers : Continue reading Add Twitter follow button to WordPress blog